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New Health Care Provider Office      
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New Health Care Provider Office - 2012

A new healthcare clinic was setting up a main office and required an updated and feature rich phone system to help employee's connect with large amounts of incoming client phone calls.

Installation of a new system that could handle large call volumes and configure a call que system that will allow clients to wait in line as employees answer phone calls. Installation of voice and data cabling was also required to handle the new computers and phone system.

  • A new IP Phone system was installed to provide an Auto-Attendant, Voice Mail, Call Flow Control, Timed Call Queues and Time Conditions was installed to handle client's incoming calls.
  • Cisco SPA series phones where installed for their ease of use and Bluetooth capabilities for employee's with coreless head sets.
  • Installation of all new data cabling into the new office with wireless access for notebooks and tablets.
  • Installation of a new Cisco firewall to prioritize voice traffic of data to ensure the highest call quality for the VoIP phone system.
  • Installation of a new Cisco SG series switch to provide power and priority to the VoIP handset.

The healthcare clinic was able to handle the large volume of phone calls with minimal staff. The VoIP IP Phone System provided low maintenance with a significant cost savings for all outgoing calls.

Installing the new data and voice cabling ensured that the new locations physical networking issues would not be a problem. All IT equipment was organized on the rack and labeled so all equipment can be easily identified if service is required.

Project Pictures

Final product installed

Pre-Testing of equipment

Phone installed at desk
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